This is the 100th article or podcast I have read or listen to saying Wall should be traded.
Nicky French





maybe dame?

maybe kyrie?

… that’s the only 5–6 that could be considered better than Wall (and Dame/Kyrie over Wall is at least arguable, and this is Harden’s only played 20ish games as a “point guard”) — what other PGs are better than Wall? would you take the following over Wall:

IT? no.

Lowry? no.

Conley? no.

Bledsoe? no.

Kemba? no (but having an incredible year)

Teague? no.

Jrue? no.

Hill? no (but having an incredible year)

Russell? no.

Schroder? no.

Rose? no.

Dragic? no.

Rubio? no.

i’m not even a fan of Wall — in fact i’ve actually been pretty critical of him. but he’s absolutely in the top 6–7 point guards in the league, fringe top 5, depending on what you value (doesn’t score like dame or kyrie, but plays far better D).

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