“head coach John Calipari having no idea how to use big men”

despite winning the title, anthony davis was fourth on his own team in shots per game (only 8!). that says more about Davis’ unselfishness than it does about a Cal’s ability to get the most out of bigs. cousins (and wall, bledsoe, pat pat, and orton) lost in the elite 8 to a WV team with zero nba players, and KAT wasn’t allowed to shoot threes (and lost to Frank the Tank and Dekker, despite having 5 NBA teammates). most recently, Skal was round-peg-square-holed into almost exclusively playing as a low post center, while his game was clearly better suited as a stretch/perimeter four (as he showed in sacramento towards the end of this season).

Cal wins, which is his job (and unsurprising due to the overwhelming talent advantage UK has in every game), but he tends to put his bigs in a box (Skal, KAT) and not utilize their full skill set.

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