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except most of the takes on Carmelo aren’t trash. granted, he was much better last season, but for most of his career he’s been a notorious ball stopper, iso-ball volume scorer, who played little defense and didn’t make the players around him better (due to the aforementioned ball stopper quality of his game).

in FA he claimed to value winning a ring above all else, but then re-signed for the most money with a team that obviously had little chance of winning… which would be fine, no one should be judged for wanting a fat contract, but he clearly wasn’t prioritizing winning as he claimed. his priorities were living in NY and getting paid — again, which is fine, he has the right to do what he wants. but it’s not a “trash take” to point out the truth in his priorities.

who has ever claimed that “if you don’t ask for a trade, you’re selfish”? he forced himself out of Denver, ruining New York’s future of picks and prospects in the process, when he could’ve just signed with NY as a FA a few months later, allowing the Knicks to keep their promising young players and future draft picks, making a better team around him. not to mention that the Knicks, who had been streaking, started losing as soon as he arrived, while the nuggets enjoyed their best season ever shortly after.

carmelo has three Golds, and that’s quite an accomplishment. but he’s going to be judged/remembered for his NBA career (where he’s only made it out of the first round twice, IIRC), not for an international career where he was on stacked teams against overmatched foreign squads. the “ringzzzzz” way of looking at players’ careers is dumb and flawed, but melo has had such little playoff success that it has to be taken into consideration when evaluating his career. Barkley, Malone, Stockton, and the other “best to never win a ring” guys at least made the Finals and were consistently leading deep playoff runs.

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