Most of the time Cal’s teams have more than one good offensive option which is why the bigs don’t…

I, and the author of the article, are not arguing that Cal hasn’t had success (although 1 title with 22 NBA players isn’t really that impressive), just that he doesn’t necessarily get the most out of his bigs — he puts them in a box, and it usually works out because they have a laughable talent advantage over every team they play.

KAT was obviously really good in college, but he could’ve been even better if he’d been allowed to showcase his entire arsenal. its not just taking and making threes, it’s what that added range that defenses have to guard him would do for the team, and providing more space for everyone else on the team. you watch him score from all over the court against NBA defenders, and wonder why he wasn’t doing this against Frank Kaminsky in the final four? the harrisons took 21 combined shots, KAT took 11. that team should have won the title handily, they had easily the most talented team in the nation. same for the wall-boogie-bledsoe-orton-patterson-miller-liggens squad, but even more so. in the WV loss, darnell dodson shot almost as many threes (9) as cousins had total shots (11).

and what about WCS? he came in as a defensive impact player freshmen with a limited offensive game, and left as a defensive impact player junior with a limited offensive game.

i also don’t consider it a huge testament to Cal that his bigs end up being All Americans, they all came to UK already as McDonalds All Americans and 4–5 star recruits, its not really surprising.