I’m from Dallas so I’ve gotten to follow his career for awhile.
Jonathan Tjarks

I wasn’t worried about his underwhelming Texas season either, since Barnes reputation was pretty well known by that point and Texas was generally a mess that season. Turner’s shooting numbers weren’t too concerning to me as a pacers fan either, because his release looked so clean that it was clear his shot was far from broken. (and leading the big 12 in blocks in 18mpg or whatever was impressive) before the draft it was clear the pacers were looking for a big, and it would probably come down to Turner or Lyles, and although I would’ve been happy with either but I preferred Turner. I had more knowledge of Lyles since he went to HS in Indiana, like you with Turner, but Turner’s skill set and size was so intriguing. I’m glad you covered both players in your sophomore preview, I’ve enjoyed reading both.

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