I take great content in your comment — as it stands as an admission of sorts, that what was hoped…
Keegan Wholesaler

i’m legitimately curious, because i’ve asked this numerous times and haven’t gotten any real answers. why do you (and many other Ringer commenters) seem to think the Grantland wasn’t left-leaning and was some sort of non-biased haven? because it absolutely was left-leaning, and was very biased (like all media or news/culture sites). i recall reading many, many “leftist” articles on Grantland. the pop culture write-ups (like the GoT recaps) were nearly always influenced by a seemingly left point of view, with the only difference being the lack of a comment section for people to shout about “leftist echo chambers!” and the like. in fact, many of the Ringer writers were primary Grantland contributors (sadly with the exception of Zach Lowe), in pop culture, tech, and sports writing. so why is Grantland seemingly remembered by so many Ringer commenters as a left-bias-free paradise?

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