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i’m surprised it took this long for harden to be “officially” named a PG, since he’s been a de facto point guard since he arrived in houston (and was essentially the bench PG in OKC). I’ve ran into this discussion with some people in years past, like what else would you call a guard who handles the ball 90% of the time, runs the offense, and leads the team (and is usually top 10 or so in the league) in assists, if not a point guard? hell, harden averages more assists than “real” point guards like lillard and curry. the modern point guards are all basically a “combo guard” — scorer and facilitator — like westbrook, curry, wall, dame, lowry, kyrie, etc.

same goes for lebron. he’s been a de facto point guard for his entire career, with his “actual” PGs being guys like mo and mario serving as spot up shooters — and even now kyrie to an extent, even though kyrie handles the ball more.

i’m so glad the league is moving away from rigid positional classifications and now just accepting that a lot of guys are just basketball players. arguing semantics over whether Duncan or KG were a PF or C is (and has always been) dumb, or if curry is a “true” PG or not. the best players don’t fit into one position because they’re good enough to be whatever you need them to be.

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