Or maybe because this article is filled with sarcasm, hyperbole, and quotes from talking heads…
Mercer Atreides

“It’s pointless bringing up these points with feminists. They’re too brainwashed into believing 100% of rape accusations are true and that any questioning of the accuser is “victim blaming”.

-Michael Gavin (criticizer of feminists, but defender of Derrick Rose, who is almost assuredly a gang rapist who admitted under oath that he doesn’t even know what “consent” means)

with your mindset being as such, you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t put much weight into your “white knight” accusation. (which is the most pathetic attempt at an insult on the Internet. it’s basically saying “let me be an asshole to women with no criticism!”) maybe you’ll use “SJW” next and I’ll get that much closer to a bingo!

Claire’s article went into the history of bradford’s hype train, detailing both the overinflated expectations and the subsequent underwhelming production, while acknowledging some contributing factors outside of his control. how is that lacking in “real analysis” any more than “Aaron Rodgers isn’t quite as good anymore, because these numbers aren’t quite as good anymore”? but of course, your opinion is that she brought it on herself because she used sarcasm. how dare she! no other writer on the Ringer (or the entire internet for that matter!) would ever dare use sarcasm!

blah blah white knight blah blah SJW blah blah… I’ve covered your reply for you, just fill in the blanks.

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