The Absurdity of Triple-Doubles and the Incredible 2017 NBA Season
Brandon Anderson

ive read a lot about how triple doubles are arbitrary because of 10 digit counting and so on… but there’s a reason we celebrate double digits in stats (other than scoring) — because it’s hard to do. 12 players this year averaged 10+ rebounds. only 3 players averaged 10+ assists, and two were barely there, like 10.3. its hard to average 10 assists. its hard to average 10 rebounds. so when a player can do both, its impressive — and not just because they’re round numbers.

case in point: when you drop to 8 for the ocho as you did in your article, the number of players getting those stats doubles (at least). only 2 fewer rebounds and assists, but way more players qualify. this has nothing to do with numbers and their roundness — its hard to break the double digit threshold, for whatever reason. its comparable to 100 yards rushing in football — its not just seen as impressive because its a round number and we are dumb apes who have to count in 10s, its because that threshold is tough to break and over time it has been established as such.

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