What made those two amazing is they could fit equally well with either. The key is finding combinations of players who work well together, and the more combinations that a player works in, the more options it gives the team in terms of building around him.
It’s all about the types of players you are playing with.
Jonathan Tjarks

oh absolutely. i meant it was always dumb to argue about which position KG/Duncan “actually was”, since they could be/do anything. they were just bigs. same goes for KAT and Brow. like KG and Timmy, they can play next to “traditional centers” or they can play next to small ball fours. people always seemed to want to pigeonhole Duncan and KG as either a PF or C, rather than appreciating that they were both. you still see it today with guys like westbrook, harden, and curry — the “he’s not a pure PG, he’s a shooting guard” argument.

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