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oh please, its not “tone policing” — you call every single person you encounter transmisogynistic, whether they support LBGT rights or not. you make everyone out to be an enemy. you mention violence (just now, and in multiple other comments) against african americans or cisGL individuals as if it is inferior, like mistreatment and discrimination is somehow a fucking contest.

your goal does not seem to be to increase awareness of the issues you care about, or make any positive change, but rather to condemn everyone as a transmisogynistic bigot, regardless of the content of their message. you condemn clinton (again, not my candidate) for the past deeds of her allies, but support Trump when his VP endorses conversion therapy and attempted to pass abhorrent LBGT discrimination laws.

from the beginning, you’ve assumed me to be an enemy who does not care about the trans community, when my initial response was merely a question about how your comment pertained to the OP’s article. you assumed again that the terrible treatment of the trans community “isn’t worth a mention” to me, which is completely unfounded.

no one else’s “level of care” is enough for you, unless they rampage online calling anyone and everyone a transmisogynist. i’m not “lecturing you to be nice” — you have a problem with everyone, regardless of whether they agree with you and support the same things you do. you seem to be proud that you spend your time “calling out self congratulating hypocrites” rather than anything positive.

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