Injuries happen to every team.
JJ, DJ, Crawford, Rivers, etc..
Joe Brucker

ok, injuries happen to every team, but again, what team recovers from losing its two best players? golden state lost draymond for ONE game in the finals and it turned the entire series. cleveland lost love and kyrie and lost their series against GS in 2015. okc lost russ in 2013 or whenever the beverly play happened, and lost shortly after. injuries to a teams best players almost always result in losing a series, so what is this talk of “just gotta get it done regardless”?

with blake and paul last playoffs, how is JJ, DJ, crawford and rivers a legitimate team? JJ is a spot up shooter, DJ only catches lobs and plays defense, crawford is a 38 year old bench scorer who plays no D, and rivers is pretty much a punchline. why should that team be able to beat a healthy playoff team like the blazers (in the 4/5 matchup last year to boot)?

DJ is a defender/rebounder who has nearly 100% of his offense created for him by paul. tony allen was all defense, would you not call him a complementary player? andre roberson might be all defense this year, and he’s certainly no more than a complementary player.

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