Not all viewpoints are equal.
Bravo to all this.
Sam (no YOU’RE the straw man!)


one of the prevailing misconceptions that has seemingly sprouted even more commonly after the election is the cry of “well I’m entitled to my opinion!” …yes, everyone is “entitled” to have an opinion, but that entitlement does not validate said opinion. some opinions can be, and are, proven demonstrably false — obvious example being flat earth nonsense. viewpoints that are demonstrably false should not be presented on college campuses where higher learning is supposed to be taking place.

as a completely non-social/political example: if your (royal you, not you personally) opinion/viewpoint is that brock osweiler is a better QB than tom brady, you indeed are entitled to have that opinion. that does not mean that your opinion isn’t ignorant, demonstrably false, and that other people can’t think you’re an idiot.

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