Man this article is pure wack.
Joba Aladeselu

shoe deals have much more to do with player recognition than actual talent. harden is a bigger/more recognizable name than Wall, and has more personal accolades (MVP runner up, all-NBA etc). I’m not a Harden fan by any means, but I can absolutely see why adidas would prioritize him over wall: he’s going to sell more shoes. and that’s all adidas does (and should) care about. it’s business.

as far as the other stuff, yeah wall clearly a better player than Beal. but beal getting overpaid has absolutely nothing to do with Wall. with the cap spike influx of money, the wiz had to pay somebody, and no big FAs were interested. paying your second best player who has a lot of room to grow (if healthy) isn’t a bad move. wall’s jealousy issues are his own, and I hope he gets over them and develops chemistry with Beal, cuz they could be really damn good together. it’s not a good look to come out publicly and say “we dislike each other on the court” — not a good look at all. he needs to grow up and make it work, if he cares about winning. I really like Wall as a player, but it seems his attitude currently isn’t in the right place.

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