Owners ultimately sign off on every move, especially the major ones, that a GM makes. Sam Hinkie won every single trade he made.
That was reportedly ownership’s call—not Sam Hinkie.
Kevin O'Connor

so if hinkie doesn’t get credit for okafor, shouldn’t ownership get credit for all those trades Hinkie won? it seems that post-firing, everyone wants to validate every move Hinkie made, when the team is still a wreck, they lost Noel for cents on the dollar (yes the current GM made that trade, but years of losing badly and drafting centers soured Noel on staying in Philly, they had to trade him or he was gonna walk), Embiid is still hurt, and they had a winning percentage of .349 this season.

yeah, he won trades (and did shitty, dirty dealings with NO, which is never mentioned). as the OP said, his “vision” of sucking for a half decade to get high picks wasn’t exactly visionary, and has yet to result in tangible payoffs, other than Saric. even Saric wasn’t a revolutionary pick, he was the top Euro prospect in a weak draft — that sounds like a solid 10 pick. Embiid was considered a potential top pick, of course you take him at 3. when they had to chance to take a swing on another potential superstar at 3, they instead took Okafor — which apparently now Hinkie had nothing to do with.

the vilification of Hinkie was a bit overblown, but the perception is now swinging way too far the other way — he’s been sainted, yet the Sixers are still a mess. they played much better this year, even without Embiid… its almost as if NBA players play better and harder when they know they aren’t set up by the GM to be a laughingstock…

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