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speak for yourself. lots of Indiana fans acknowledge that although Knight was/is a basketball genius, he has immense character flaws and was/is generally a shitty person.

this article clearly thinks firing Crean was the wrong move and that Indiana fans who agree with the move are idiots — oh and that fans of a cbb blueblood should temper expectations and be satisfied with sweet 16 appearances.

Crean was a good recruiter (lol brushed aside Zeller for not being Wade — who is?) but a terrible in-game coach. he was consistently out-coached and his teams and players consistently underachieved — Zeller spent his entire career stuck under the backboard, utilizing only a sliver of his skill set, and Oladipo likely never had a play run for him in 3 years. in 2013 Crean was seemingly the only person in America surprised that Syracuse was playing zone… y’know which they’ve done for 100 years. the only reason IU won the Big10 last year was because OG broke out as a star and Thomas Bryant is damn good (and underutilized as per usual). that team still played with no discipline, and their only semblance of an offense the last few years is for the first guard/wing to touch the ball to drive wildly and maybe attempt to fling the ball out for a three.

if being better than kelvin sampson is the barometer for coaching success, then no one would ever be fired. i think Crean is a good guy and i wish him luck, and i appreciate that he helped pull our program out of the muck, but at some point you need your coach to actually be able to coach.

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