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the whole “military and police being disrespected” argument is such bullshit. the military gets plenty of respect, and protests during the anthem are not related to the military in any way. is there anyone (aside from nutjobs on the fringes of either side) that is anti-troops? being against a decade long war and subsequent occupation in the middle east (that our nation entered with questionable motives, to put it lightly) is not disrespect of the military.

as far as the police, those officers who deserve respect get respect, and those who don’t deserve it don’t get it. if you’re shamefully bad at your job (like shooting an unarmed 12 year old), you don’t deserve respect. i believe the majority of cops are good cops, but there are significant amounts of our police forces across the country that have been behaving in such a way (profiling, harassment, the fiascos in oakland, etc) for years that is not deserving of respect.

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