It’s very clear that’s not what he was suggesting.
Reading that sentence and thinking that what was meant was that Lillard deserved to be an allstar…
Nathaniel Oveson

then what was he suggesting by bringing giannis into it? so what was the point he was making by saying “dame can’t make the all star team, but giannis — who can barely shoot — does”? what kind of point is being made by saying “dame can’t make it, but a player i clearly think is better can”?

kyrie is a second option and has nearly the same stats as dame, you think if he was the #1 option on his team with a slightly higher usage rate he wouldn’t average 1.8 more ppg? lol. and you act like dame is getting constant double teams or some shit. kyrie and dame have almost exactly the same numbers, both traditional and advanced, for their careers (except for the playoffs, where kyrie has far better numbers). to act like its stupid or outlandish to merely suggest kyrie might be a little better is a wild overreaction on your part — or one might say an example of “fanatic tendencies”.

all this dumb kyrie chatter aside, what does that change about my original point? that instead of the 9th, dame is maybe the 8th best PG in the league (and still only the 6th best in his conference)? oh wow! that changes everything!

speaking of better PGs in dame’s conference… lol way to completely abandon your “it’s a complete joke to say conley is better than dame!” stance once you were presented with statistical evidence to the contrary. good call though, because that was a stupid argument.

maybe follow your own tagline and fight those fanatic tendencies, grow up and quit being a fuckin prick on the internet.

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