I would say Conley and Lowry are better
I would say Conley and Lowry are better (or atleast better in there systems) kemba I think of as…
Nicky French

well… http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/pcm_finder.cgi?request=1&sum=0&hint=John+Wall&player_id1_select=John+Wall&y1=2017&player_id1=walljo01&hint=Kyle+Lowry&player_id2_select=Kyle+Lowry&y2=2017&player_id2=lowryky01&hint=Mike+Conley&player_id3_select=Mike+Conley&y3=2017&player_id3=conlemi01

lowry and conley are great guards… but looking at the 2016/17 stats:

Conley: 19 ppg / 5.7 apg / 3.6 rpg / 44 & 53% fg & efg / 2.46 assist-to-TO

Lowry: 20.6 ppg / 7.4 apg / 5 rpg / 44 & 54% fg & efg / 2.47 assist-to-TO

Wall: 24 ppg / 9.7 apg / 4.2 rpg / 46 & 50% fg % efg / 2.20 assist-to-TO

…Wall scores more and as efficiently, and assists more with almost the same assist/TO ratio, on a much worse team. you say “lowry and conley are better in their systems” — what do you think would happen if Wall was in those systems? playing with Gasol or Derozan, with better coaches, teammates and benches? all three are good defender, and yes — both those guys are better leaders than Wall, but he’s a better overall player than either (and 3–5 years younger than either).

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