I’ll have to respectfully disagree with Lowe.
Edward Stratton

well yeah of course milwaukee would wanna keep middleton (ideally they wanna keep everyone they can), but my point was that i think cleveland would want middleton in a kyrie deal. brogdon (solid, but basically kyrie’s age as a second year player), delly (tries hard but simply isn’t that good), and maker (promising, but still very raw) isn’t as good of a return, imo — especially not for 2018. if they’re trying to build a contender to keep lebron, they need players like middleton more than maker. sure, maker is a good prospect for a future without lebron, but if they’re planning on losing lebron, there are better kyrie deals that will get back more young prospects and picks.

as far as henson being a redundancy, who is cleveland’s backup big? henson would at the least be a shot blocker for a team that only has one (kind of) in TT.

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