All these thresholds are arbitrary, acting like only triple doubles is an arbitrary number that…
Charles Tyler

yeah, i get that some people are tired of the “BUT TRIPLE DOUBLE” argument, but the other side has swung the pendulum too far the other way, declaring triple doubles “arbitrary”. (other arbitrary criteria that the anti-triple double crowd doesn’t mind using: 50 wins, top 2 seed, etc.)

also, 10 assists or rebounds isn’t really arbitrary. 10 is recognized as an impressive threshold for those categories because it’s hard to average double digits in them. if you figure that there are roughly 280 nba players who get significant playing time (8–9 rotation guys per team), only 12 average at least 10 rebounds, and only 3 average at least 10 assists. its rare for a player to average 10 in either category, let alone both, which is why it is recognized as impressive.

its comparable to 100 yards rushing in the NFL. yeah, 100 is a round number compared to 99, but it’s recognized as a general threshold because its difficult to average 100 yards/game. russ would still be in the MVP conversation if he was averaging 30/9/9.

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