Andrew Wiggins making the leap?
Adam Schreiber

yeah that was a head scratcher. wiggins is the same player he was last season, a good iso scorer but contributes little else. doesn’t rebound, doesn’t make plays for others, good iso defender but still pretty inconsistent in rotations and other aspects of defense. his numbers last year were 20.7/3.6/2 on 54% TS, compared to this year 23/4/2.3 on 53% TS. the only leap he made was in 3 pt %, from a poor 30% to a nice 36% (yet his TS is down because his 2pt and FT % dropped). 2.3 apg is pathetic for a guy who has the ball as much as he does, and 4 rebounds a game isn’t impressing anyone for a 6'8 fast twitch super athlete.

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