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yo, speak for yourself. venom is a huge and popular Marvel character — also, not a superhero — that has never had a standalone film or show. its an evil alien symbiote that imbues its mentally unstable host with badass powers, what’s not to like (especially if they wisely go darker/R with it, a la Deadpool or Logan)? i remember everyone being super excited about Venom’s inclusion in Spider Man 3 (which was admittedly godawful), so i don’t see how there’s “no need” or “no one asking” for a Venom movie.

also, the whole “superhero movies are soooooo stale” thing is getting… well, stale. people are still going to see these movies in droves, and the last 6 months has given us one of the (if not the) best superhero movies ever, in Logan. there’s always been ridiculous action movies, which is all superhero movies really are. John McClane was basically a superhero. James Bond was basically a superhero. Neo actually was a superhero! any JCVD or Segal or Arnold movie was basically a superhero movie. hell, John Wick (who is awesome) is the Punisher.

there have always been action movies with unkillable badass heroes who do things that should be physically impossible — Marvel movies are the same thing, just using existing characters, and explaining why they are “super” instead of asking the audience to believe that a regular cop/construction worker/ex-con/secret agent can survive a shootout with 20 terrorists, beat up 15 more guys, and then jump off a building and survive. this site loves the Fast franchise, which are 100% superhero movies at this point.

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