Give me the best player in the league on a successful team (not necessarily the best team) for MVP. That’s all.
How many years has a LeBron-led team been the the “best” team in the league?
C. Lei(ce)ster F.C.

you are literally describing lebron for the last decade.

since 05-06 (11 years ago, and lebron’s third season), lebron’s teams have won 50 (CLE 4 seed), 50 (CLE 2 seed), 45 (CLE 4 seed), 66 (CLE 1 seed), 61 (CLE 1 seed), 58 (MIA 2 seed), 46 (MIA 1 seed), 66 (MIA 1 seed), 54 (MIA 1 seed), 53 (CLE 1 seed), and 57 (CLE 1 seed) games.

“give me the best player in the league for a successful team for MVP” — that’s the definition of what lebron has done, since his third year in the league, where he averaged 31.4/7/6.6 for a 50 win team, and has essentially done so ever since.

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