Dreadline Day

Remember when we were younger and the weeks coming up to the Christmas break were the favourite part of term? You’d sit and watch DVDs with all your friends and the hardest thing you’d do all day would be voting on which one to watch. Ahh to be young again.

Now however, this time of the year has become synonymous with complete and utter chaos and stress (unless you’re one of those really organised people if so please get in touch and give me life lessons). It’s at this time of year that ‘Dreadline Day’ comes around.

Dreadline Day is when every single piece of work you were set 2 months ago is finally due in and it just so happens to all be due in within hours of each other.

Most of these last few days before we all get to do our own thing will be spent crying, screaming and most of all procrastinating. Some of you may even be doing this now by reading this. If so, welcome, you’re safe here.

All of this work will need to be done at some point and with Dreadline Day just around the corner it’s going to need to be done now.

So put down the phone, close Medium, Twitter and, for those of you who can time travel or live in the dark ages, Bebo and start that work now because once it’s done YOU ARE FREE!

…at least until January when it all starts again.

Thanks for reading Week 2, I will see you all again next week.