Make The Call

Tell me if this has ever happened to you…

You are going through a rough time. Whether it’s a rough few days, week, month or year. Regardless, you are going through a difficult time and you cannot get yourself out of a funk. Then out of the blue, a friend or family member will call/text you to see how you’re doing. They may ask you to hang out or they may just want to talk.

Anyone ever had that experience when someone reaches out to you at just the right time? I know I have.

2 weeks ago I was feeling very down. Some business opportunities fell through, I had friends cancel on plans at the last minute 3 days in a row, and I was feeling very scattered. I decided to take a walk throughout my apartment complex to clear my head. When I got back to my apartment and I checked my phone there was a text from a friend that said “Hey! Want to grab some dinner tonight?”.

On his end, all he wanted to do was grab dinner and catch up. On my end, it was someone reaching out to me at a time I needed it most.

We had dinner, caught up on life and had a wonderful evening together. It was refreshing to get away from my negative thoughts and be in the present moment with someone else.

Let’s be real…No matter how many epic selfies we post, how many parties we attend, how many trips we take or how much money we make…life is always going to be hard. There are days where we want to give up, crawl under our covers and hide from the world. And you know what? That’s okay. It’s normal to struggle. For so long, I thought sharing my struggles showed I was weak. In fact, it’s the opposite.

We don’t have to live life on our own. We have people in our lives so they can pick us up when we are weak.

Your words…your actions…they can change someone’s life and you may never know it.

With all this being said, I want to give you a challenge. I want you to think of your friends/family members. Think of someone who you have a relationship with and maybe haven’t talked to or seen in a while. Once you have that person, call them. Don’t text them. Give them a call, ask them how they’re doing, let them know you were thinking about them and see if they’d like to get together.

Could you be saving them from a bad day? Who knows! What I do know is you will put a smile on their face because every human being wants to be wanted. They want to know people care about them.

Life is tough. But it doesn’t have to be tough by yourself.

Make the call.


I’ve had a lot of great responses to my posts recently. I would love to hear what happened when you made the call. Email me your story at

As always, I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read my posts. Love you guys!

-Jordan Agolli