Communication Through Technology

When I think of technology these days I automatically think about, Social Media, Apple Products (IPhone 7, IPad & Laptops), advancements in machinery, and the television. Yes, these are technology but these are ‘modern day’ technology. Years and Years ago technology was as simple as a hammer. (How times have changed).

Changes in Technology have and always will be occurring, but it is the changes in ‘Digital Technology’ which are having an impact on the way in which humanity today are able to communicate.

(Clere, 2015)

This continuous update and change in ‘Digital Technologies’ have revolutionised how we as humanity ‘Communicate’. Previously communication was face to face or through letters which were sent through the post. Hence limiting the opportunity for miss-communication and misunderstandings as you are physically face to face and therefore able to ask questions and put into practice good communication skills.

Whereas today due to the improvements and the creation of ‘Digital Technologies’ communicating with others is completely different. There seems to be less face to face communication and rather more communicating through means of the internet, social media sites, calling or even face-timing, instant messaging and email. These ‘digital technologies’ are a means of new communication methods.

These new methods allow for communication to be immediate, enables communication to occur with everyone regardless of their geographical location and also enables more involvement through the use of group messages or group emails.

However, these new ‘Digital Technologies’ may limit face to face communication, and thus create barriers in regards to feelings and emotions and therefore may hinder one’s ability to have and put into practice good communication skills being, eye-contact and engagement through questions.

Most importantly with any changes there are also ethical issues. Specifically relating to ‘Digital Technologies and Communication’ these issues may include: privacy of the user, are our personal details kept private? Expecting an immediate response, our communication now has to have an immediate response?

So are changes in technology impacting in a positive and/or negative way on how humans communicate today. And how the ethical issues that surround these changes have an impact on communication methods today.


‘The newest computer can merely compound, at speed, the oldest problem in the relations between human beings, and in the end the communicator will be confronted with the old problem, of what to say and how to say it’. Edward R. Murrow


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