Still my favorite shot from the trip!


BUYING THE TICKET. Seriously I’ve never hesitated so long to hit the enter button on my computer. In the kitchen of my parents house I sat there for awhile with all of my debit card information inputed, just one thought ran across my mind. “What if you buy this ticket and none of it actually works out?”.

Traveling Europe on a budget is an understatement when describing my trip to Europe. I am sure there are people that did it cheaper than wedid but to this day I’ve never heard of anyone coming to close to how much we spent in the amount of time we were gone. (2,543??)So it’s crazy to look back at that starting moment and relive the fear I had when I pulled the trigger and bought my ticket to London.

Possibly one of the most crucial things that I have taken away from this experience is that it’s not about having the perfect plan to execute or have all the facts lined up in order to make something happen. But it is really all about just starting and beginning the momentum, because if you are persistent and work hard the rest will fall into place.

Telling my family I was going to put the job hunt on hold for a while and travel Europe for 2 months was not the easiest conversation. There were definitely objections. The biggest one was “how are you going to pay for all of this?” To be honest my real answer was ‘I don’t know’, but I wasn’t going to tell my parents that. Instead I just kept saying ‘There is no doubt in my mind I would make it happen’. Thank you marketing degree for teaching me how to convince myself and people, because everyone believed it, after I said it enough times. (I’m not saying I don’t work hard, just at the time I really had no idea if I could make enough money in the month I had…)

It all works out….that very next day I did whatever I could to get work…from hitting up all my parents friends for odd jobs, to selling random stuff I didn’t need anymore, to even finding an ad on Craiglist to post a review on Yelp for $15….(not my proudest moment). But honestly ever single dollar counted and if there was work, I was willing.

Here is the key whatever your idea, goal, dream. JUST START. Seriously there is no other way that it will get done. 6 months ago I would have laughed at hearing I was going to Europe, because there was no way that was going to happen, with needing to find a job. But here I am back in the States and couldn’t imagine not taking this trip.

Peace, go do something.

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