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I stopped writing for a long time because I focused on perfection. Instead of filling an empty page with content. I filled it with my frustration.

I had already written a novel. So far my first and only book. Every time I tried to write something else I would get stuck. I stopped because of pretension and ego. I made rules I thought I should follow before I could write with confidence.

I knew I was fooling myself. I knew this was slowing me down. But the obsession with perfection took over me. Everything had to as perfect as Frank…

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In the back of my mind, I had been thinking all day what I was going to write next.

Sometimes when I am reading on a train, sometimes listening to a podcast, occasionally bopping my head to music thumping through my headphones, sometimes when I am walking along minding my own business thinking about my errands or admiring my neighborhood — an idea disrupts me.

As someone who wants to harness daydreams so I might interpret them into words, I welcome these unforeseeable moments.

When these abrupt tiny episodes happen while in the act of writing I am more surprised…

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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

The alarm went off like a thundering smack to my pleasant dream.

I turned my smartphone over to hit the snooze button on the glowing screen.

In my weariness, I was unsure which animated button to press to snooze my alarm. One button would stop the alarm altogether. The other button would give me about eight minutes or more to reconsider if I wanted to be entirely awake. The buttons displayed in full glimmering color on the OLED’s…

I spent five today days with the Pixelbook. Within five days I went from excitement, experimentation, tweaking, reading forums, testing, to dealing with my first bug of many bugs, and ultimate disappointment.


I am an Apple Geek. I love Apple products. There was a time when I was unwilling to experiment with other technology manufacturers. The designs were not basic. The quality was always questionable.

And then one day something strange happened on the way to the Apple Store. The competition got better. They finally figured out what people like about Apple and decided to duplicate. What they have done…

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

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I unlocked my iPhone 6 Plus for the last time.

My new smartphone, an iPhone Xs Max (say that again at ten times speed), was set up and ready for me to download apps and login to more accounts and download my cherished list of songs and curated playlists. Ready for me to arrange the apps how I liked them and turn off those notifications I have no patience for. I opened the settings app and found the option to erase and Reset — all in a matter of seconds. …

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When I hand write anything I prefer using the Lamy Fountain pen over any other writing utensil.

Left-Handed Confessions

I’m left-handed. I’m not a great hand writer. I prefer typing tenfold over handwriting.

My handwriting is hard to read. I have found it challenging to handwrite in a world which celebrates the English language from left to write.

As a left-handed writer, I sometimes wonder if it would have been easier had I learned to write in Arabic? Arabic is a language written from right to left.

Holding pens in my left hand is natural. But forcing it to write from left…

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If you don’t have a passion for writing, then you’re wasting your time.

Writing static words put next to each other is for the technical writers. If you’re not writing clear and concise instructions, then you are not writing with passion.

Write with a passion for finding your voice.

What Do I Mean?

What does it mean to write with passion? I’ll explain.

Writing with passion means you must hide nothing when you write. Be vulnerable. Be truthful.

Many of us are custom to hiding ourselves in the public world. It’s often how we protect ourselves from any opportunity would-be bullies or jerks. …

I never ever expected to read you passed away from suicide.

“If I am an advocate for anything, it is to move. As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean, or simply across the river. Walk in someone else’s shoes or at least eat their food. It’s a plus for everybody.”

I expected to learn of your death some twenty years from now. Writing your last criticism of modern society.

Eating a final tiny morsel of street food in a remote country for your next episode — your final episode. And drinking one last drink…

The Brydge Keyboard is one of the most gorgeous designed iPad keyboard accessories. It’s also one of the worse.

With its patented hinge design, one can recreate a laptop experience while using their iPad. But Brydge’s lackluster Bluetooth technology leaves one frustrated and upset. Imagine a scenario where you tap a key only to find the letter not populating on the screen as it should.

Considering how much this keyboard costs it’s unacceptable.

Why it Matters

Deciding to make the iPad Pro as one’s primary computer requires you to have a quality keyboard setup. There are many Bluetooth keyboards to choose from. But…

Photo by eleven x on UnsplashI was waiting for Apple to release new MacBook models this past 2018 WWDC. That didn’t happen. As soon as Tim Cook said in his opening statement, “this is all about software,” I stopped paying attention.

Apple has an iPad problem. But more than that — Apple has a MacBook problem. With Apple’s inability to decide to continue to support the Mac line, or go all in iOS, a trillion dollar company leaves much to be desired.

A week later I found myself resolving to buy an iPad Pro, again. I decided no matter what laptop Apple releases this year I would wait until next year. Had I known they would release their 2018 Macbook Pro models only a month later I might have not been so hasty.

Hindesite is always 20 / 20, so they…

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