Brave Campus Webinar Wednesdays Begin on July 19!

In the spring we got a big idea.

What if we created a network of bold campus leaders that were focused on encouraging bravery, belonging and humility on campuses everywhere?

Well, it would be awesome. And so we’ve been working on it.

We began with the concept of a one month digital summit with three webinars per week. And we spent the last couple weeks reviewing the applications for presentations… and we kept getting one consistent piece of feedback in the applications: “Why are you guys cramming so much into four weeks?”

We said to ourselves, “Well, we figured the more value we could provide as quickly as possible, the better.”

And besides, Brave Campus is way bigger than a digital summit. It’s a long-term project to unite bold campus leaders.

We weren’t sure what to do until we got a suggestion from a friend who said, “Why don’t you just do a session each Wednesday forever and build Brave Campus from there?”

So that’s what we’re going to do!

We’re thrilled to introduce the first initiative of Brave Campus… Webinar Wednesdays. Think of it as a longer, simpler version of the full Digital Summit. It’ll have the same presenters and content, but just mapped out over a longer period.

So every Wednesday at 2pm EST (11am PST, noon MST, 1pm CST or 3pm AST) a campus or thought leader will host a high-impact presentation or roundtable. These webinars will be free, live and always relevant.

Webinar Wednesdays will be starting THIS WEDNESDAY (July 19!) with me, Jordan, leading a super tactical session called… How Low Cost Hacks Can Make a Massive Impact on Campus Mental Wellness.

Here’s a teaser: We often make campus mental wellness programming so big, expensive complicated. What if there were simple (sub-$100!) hacks we could do that make a huge impact? Well, there are.

Please register right now for the webinar by clicking here or hitting the button below! We have a limited amount of spots and we’d love to have you there.


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