Don’t ‘Just’ live please!

What done can never be undone.!

Most of you are sitting in a small cubicle,Working under someone or something which you don’t love. Aren’t you?

Let me ask you something straight. Is that what you are living for? Is that what you’ve been working from a decade? Is that it? Are you satisfied being in that stage?

May be most of you are just working for money to start something on your own.I’d say..Don’t do it. Don’t ever fuckin’ do that.It’ll become a habit. It’ll take over you.You’ll become a slave but nothing else.

Do you really know what’s your passion? where you wanted to be in the next few years? If you know! Then quit what you’re doing,without interest and dedication. Don’t give a second thought!

If you don’t know, go get your ass up and search for who you really are and what you really want! It takes time. But never back down. Never give up. That’s not what you are.

I want to tell you something. You can learn all the techniques in your life, but if you don’t believe in yourself….you won’t get it. So keep going on. Don’t be scared to kickstart.It’s never too late to may Face many failures in and out. people start to laugh at you and criticise you. You know what? Dont give a fuck!

One day your desire to build your empire and to reach your goals becomes true and you’d be on the cover page of magazines and newspapers.. living happily, rich enough. and the people who were once mean to you will be still watching you raise your bar. So…Never fucking give up in your life. You don’t know what that offers.!

The author of “Think and grow rich” Napoleon Hill was right.

He said that -some people believe that only MONEY can make MONEY. This is not true! Money, of itself, is nothing but inert matter. It cannot move , think, or talk, but it can “hear” when a man who DESIRES it, calls to come.

Believe me! That one book changed my life and so does yours!

Change your heart, love your work.

If you find this one helpful. recommend this with a heart.!