Mars 2020, le confinement approche. Voilà déjà près de 4 mois que nous travaillons d’arrache pied sur une application mobile, Prebook, avec Rémi, mon associé.

Notre idée ? Faciliter le travail des entreprises qui reçoivent ou se déplacent vers leurs clients, en développant un outil qui élimine le phénomène des “no shows” (non-présentation à un rendez-vous), notamment en restauration. Notre application se présente alors comme un agenda intelligent qui oblige le client final (le client de notre client) à renseigner sa carte bancaire pour pré-réserver son rendez-vous.

After 7.5 years at Uber, my next challenge is called SAUV Life.

In August 2010, I received an email from Ryan Graves, the Uber CEO at the time, announcing the team had decided to give me a chance as their third engineer. At the time, Uber — or UberCab, to be more accurate — only had two iOS apps: one for riders and one for partners. Having experience on that still quite recent mobile platform backed by Google, my first task consisted of implementing Uber’s first Android rider app, inspired by the features available on the existing iOS counterpart. At the time, I had no idea it was the beginning of an…

Jordan Bonnet

Co-founder @ Prebook | 1st mobile eng @ Uber

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