Jordan Gamache



I am a student at Eastern Washington University. Currently I am in my second year. My major is Journalism, double minoring in VCD and COM studies. If someone was not able to contact me, I would be in one of three places, 1) In a church 2) At a coffee shop 3) In my apartment cooking. I am originally from the Tri-Cities, where I have spent a majority of my life growing up.

10 Interesting Facts

  1. Enjoy boating
  2. Baking
  3. Enjoy going to different coffee shops
  4. Pigs are my favorite animal
  5. Play the guitar
  6. Can’t say “Uncle” correctly
  7. Journaling
  8. Reading
  9. I can lick my elbow
  10. Strongly dislike tomatoes

Tell Me a Story

A few of my friends and I recently road tripped over to Bellingham where our friend Nikki lived. We zero intent of having any plans, and that was the only rule that we stuck to. Granted, we did have a plan of where to stay, and a general idea of what we were going to do on the trip, we didn’t have any time restrictions.

We entered Seattle and soon after we found ourselves in the Pike Place market. Each location, the next stop was determined, and we ended up at a park named Gas Works, which is an extravagant skyline of the busy yet beautiful town of Seattle. To follow this visit, we decided to go to surprise my friend who so happened to live five minutes away. She was shocked.

From the day we arrived in Seattle, the days were easy going, and had zero stress. We visited the Tulip festival, found a random Mexican restaurant (which was exquisite), and surprised more friends at a neighboring college campus. Our only consistent (and necessary) visits were to a coffee shop to get a triple extra hot almond milk latte. Yes, this was my drink choice, and no, I did not have a heart attack.

We went to Canada, Vancouver, BC to be exact. Stanley park on bikes was quite the adventure. For two hours we rode around on an island by the water. The hardest thinking we had to do on this trip to Stanley park was how to get back to our parking lot. After roaming freely, using google maps to find our lost car, we came upon it almost speeding right by it. Thank goodness this was all downhill riding.

Sleepovers, drinking way too much caffeine, endless laughing, and having zero plans. These are the greatest plans of all. The plans to not have any plans, take the days day to day, enjoy the people and the time you have in front of you, and love every moment of the freedom.

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