Being a professional not only at work, but at all times.

By Jordan Buetow

Have you ever went out in public the morning after a long night out without showering, messy hair, and you’re a little hungover then you run into your boss? If you have never had this happen to you then you are very lucky because it can be a very awkward situation and it is one that you do not want to be in. What if the boss you ran into had a meeting that day about whether to promote you or not? I would have to assume your chances would be significantly reduced if you ran into him or her when you looked so unprofessional.

Why is it important?
It is important to always maintain a professional look and attitude because you never know when someone is watching. We also know how fast word can be spread around in today’s generation so that crazy night out at the bar last weekend could get back to your work or boss without you ever even knowing.

How is my presentation organized?
I will start the presentation by getting the audience’s attention by saying something that they can relate too. This will help them become engaged in the presentation because they will be thinking that they do not want this to happen to them at some point in the future. I will then go on to talk about some real stories that I found about how people have been fired for not maintaining the professional standard outside of work. After this i will continue to discuss the importance of being a professional at all times.

What is the goal of my presentation?
The goal of this presentation is to get the college students to understand the importance of always being a professional and what may happen to them if they are seen at the wrong place at the wrong time being unprofessional.

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