Pitch- Flu shots for all employees

An elevator pitch is a very short pitch that may last only up to two minutes. This means that you must be able to get your point across very fast before that elevator door opens and the person your pitching to walks out. Practicing an elevator pitch can be very useful for many of things including networking, interview practice, and for those times when you end up in the elevator with your boss and you have from the first floor to the eight floor to explain to them your new brilliant idea for the company.

My pitch script

back ground- I am one of the managers at St. Luke’s and I am presenting a new idea to the CEO. I think that making flu shots mandatory for all employees on a yearly basis will be very beneficial for our organization.

Did you know that on average 5–20% of the U.S population develop the flu every year? The Centers for Disease and Control Prevention estimate that the flu shot reduces the odds of getting the flu by 60%. A person who develops the flu may be contagious a day before they even develop any symptoms and may stay contagious for 5 -10 days after developing symptoms.

Making flu shots mandatory for all of St. Luke's employees on a yearly basis would make us the lead innovator in this policy and will also reduce the amount of sick days that our employees take. If we can reduce the rate of flu going through our hospital, it will reduce the likelihood of our other employees and most importantly our patients from developing the flu while in our hospital.

I think that administering the flu shot to all of our employees will show the public how dedicated we are to protecting our patients health. Administering the flu shots to our employees will be covered by their insurance so it will not cost us any money and we will see high financial benefits from reducing the number of sick days people take and having to pay people time and a half for getting called in or having to work doubles to cover for people who call in sick.

So are you on board for making St. Luke’s the first hospital in Minnesota to make flu shots mandatory for all of our employees?

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