From Enabling Parents to Become Learning Coaches:

In its pure form, learning is a spontaneous, non-linear, and organic process. It looks nothing like the curricula we design for traditional class learning environments, it happens within the context of other subjects (not isolated from them), and it happens most permanently for reasons the learner is emotionally invested in (not for a third party evaluation).

If academic subjects are turning off kids’ focus, why not present them within the context of the interests they already have? Below are 17 ways parents can spark interest for other subjects within kids who love Legos:


Between October, 2016 and January, 2017 I conducted over 20 separate 45-minute interviews with homeschool parents and surveyed 130. (The main takeaways can be found in detail here.) I have good news and bad news, homeschool parents, about how homeschooling is predominantly implemented. Overall, though, I have great news because I know how we can rectify the bad news.

Good News: There Is a Common Dream

The good news is that there is a general aspiration that is commonly held among parents who homeschool their kids. It is good to know that because it could mean that there is a general solution, too, and I have discovered…

To have your perceptions change so drastically is not an easy thing. This will be difficult, my liberal friends. Know, though, that you’re not alone. Hillary did not get the votes Obama did in either of his elections. Millions of Democrats didn’t show up for her — for plenty of valid reasons.

Full Disclosure

I voted for Gary Johnson. Take note, though, that I was 75% aligned with Bernie Sanders in my results while Donald Trump was dead last on the list (of 20 or so politicians at the time).

I did not vote for Donald Trump for a number of…

A Symbolic Perspective of My Identity — Sigmar Polke’s Glass Windows in Grossmünster Church Zurich

“Where are you from?”… I have never known how to answer that question. For the sake of flow, I usually just respond with a half-truth the person will understand.

Wikipedia definition of “Third Culture Kid”:

Third Culture Kid is a term used to refer to children who were raised in a culture outside of their parents’ culture for a significant part of their development years… The experience of being a TCK is unique in that these individuals are moving between cultures before they have had the opportunity to fully develop their personal and cultural identity. …

The Fourth of July means a lot to me, but it did not dawn on me until this morning just how foreign my reasons would seem to most people- even my closest (non-Mormon) friends. I believe Mormons understand the value of religious freedom for everyone better than anyone and that is what occupied my mind today.

You will have to understand a bit of American and Mormon history to follow me here. And though I know a thing or two more about American history than the average American and Mormon history than the average Mormon, I am no expert in…

Jordan Clive

Product and UX designer, lifelong learner, husband, father.

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