If You Want To Know What’s Going On, Stop Giving Hillary A Pass

To have your perceptions change so drastically is not an easy thing. This will be difficult, my liberal friends. Know, though, that you’re not alone. Hillary did not get the votes Obama did in either of his elections. Millions of Democrats didn’t show up for her — for plenty of valid reasons.

Full Disclosure

I voted for Gary Johnson. Take note, though, that I was 75% aligned with Bernie Sanders in my ISideWith.com results while Donald Trump was dead last on the list (of 20 or so politicians at the time).

I did not vote for Donald Trump for a number of reasons. Let’s explore two for a moment: foreign policy — the policy for which presidents have greatest influence — and America’s criminal justice system — the policy currently acting as a severe threat to the fabric of society, particularly among minorities.

Foreign Policy: he shows signs of being the kind of nationalist authoritarian to take advantage of a distressed country similarly to the way we see throughout world history. He says things like killing the families of terrorists. Arm him with the largest military the world has ever seen to fight counter-productive wars with an unaccountable mercenary army, a public surveillance system for innocent civilians and foreigners that has only grown since the Snowden revelations, a secretive CIA, FBI, private court systems, a secret kill list, and drones that kill 9 unintended targets for every one that was intended and operated by people commanded to do things prone to drive them to severe depression for reasons they will be imprisoned for speaking up about… It adds up to the scariest scenario ever to happen to American foreign policy.

Justice System: picture this man having influence on our justice system. Like our wars, consider the similarly-counterproductive ever-costly prison system ruining people simply for choosing to consume the wrong substances. They’re counterproductive because they do not change behavior and they release people with a societal-readjustment barrier too great.

President Trump. How Did This Happen?

None of our information or polls led us to believe this would happen (not to mention by such a wide margin). Nothing looks the same anymore in America. It’s hard to recognize it…

The top reason overlooked by the college-educated liberal left shows that it wasn’t just about Trump. This is more about Hillary.

The large-scale bewilderment at the Trump presidency implies the belief that Hillary Clinton was significantly more qualified for the job. Might that not have actually been the case?

The Liberal Media Sold Us a Politicized View of Hillary

Too many people ignored the possibility that the media might have given Hillary a most dishonest, non-objective pass. Unfortunately the media did, indeed, lie to us; unfortunately, too, partisan politics makes smart people stupid. And, sorry debt-laden college graduates, partisan educational institutions make smart people narrow-minded, too.

To illustrate the selective vision, here’s what Seth Meyers said in his Late Night show:

“So Paul Ryan won’t say Donald Trump’s name but will vote for him for President and that’s a problem for a lot of Americans. They just don’t love the two choices.

“I mean, do you pick someone who’s under federal investigation for using a private email server?

“Or do you pick someone who:
-called Mexicans “rapists”
-claimed the President was born in Kenya
-proposed banning an entire religion from entering the US
-mocked a disabled reporter
-said John McCain wasn’t a war hero because he was captured
-attacked the parents of a fallen soldier
-bragged about committing sexual assault
-was accused by 12 women of committing sexual assault
-said some of those women weren’t attractive enough for him to sexually assault them
-said more countries should get nukes
-said he would force the military to commit war crimes
-said a judge was biased because his parents were Mexicans
-said women should be punished for having an abortion
-inciting violence at his rallies
-called global warming a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese
-called for his opponent to jailed
-declared bankruptcy six times
-bragged about not paying income taxes
-stiffed his contractors and employees
-lost a billion dollars in one year
-scammed customers at his fake university
-bought a six foot tall painting of himself with money from his fake foundation
-has a trial for fraud coming up in November
-insulted an opponent’s looks
-insulted an opponent’s wife’s looks
-and bragged about grabbing women by the pu**y.

“How do you choose? Because… it’s so… it’s so even.”

Liberals Didn’t Question Their Media

The liberal media made it popular in America to act like the FBI investigation results weren’t fishy, to brush off evidence of her media collusion to take down Bernie Sanders and tilt the debates in her favor, and to write off the hints of other scandals as merely made up stories by the conspiracy-obsessed alt-right. Depending on your circle of friends and coworkers it may still be the expectation that you think this way. If that’s so, and you’re comfortable thinking for yourself, I invite you to take a journey beyond your algorithmically-structured online echo chamber.

Outside the mainstream liberal class there has existed an intense distrust for Hillary. Exit polls of the election showed that of all people who disliked both major candidates, two-thirds chose Trump over Hillary. All conservatives and the good majority of moderates agreed she isn’t more qualified for the job. Even one of the most pro-Hillary mainstream media sources, Huffington Post, currently polls at 55% unfavorable of Hillary Clinton. The only ones who think she is more qualified are the insular left. Trump won because college-educated Americans are out of touch — not just culturally with the “fly by” states, but out of touch with uncomfortable facts.

To understand why everyone else believed Hillary to be the greater evil you must take an honest look into her past — and mainstream media sources simply won’t give that to you (as of late).

Take a Look For Yourself

Here are dozens of scandals to be aware of — and prepare yourself, because an honest look into this kind of volume of scandals will take time to read and process. You’ve probably gotten used to our entertainment culture in American politics. Sorry, not all of this will come in that form so start forming your own conclusions.

This article is not just a “7-minute read.” This is a starting point to your own investigation. Actually click through these links and follow their sources. Actually watch documentaries and think for yourself. The list is long, the stories intertwine, and it requires judgment to assess the plausibility of each story.

Deceit, Lies, and Secrecy

Questionable Conscience

Campaign Corruption

Abuse of Power


Cronyism and Corruption

Clinton Foundation Scandals

  • In exchange for Clinton Foundation donations, Hillary provided federal funding to titans and dictators in Nigeria, Congo, Kazakhstan, and the United Arab Emirates (link embedded in the above title)
  • Ericsson — Swedish telecom company scandal with Iran (link above)
  • Russian Purchase of US Uranium Assets in Return for $145mm in Contributions to the Clinton Foundation (link above)
  • Keystone pipeline support in return for $2mm in speaking fees (link embedded in the above title)
  • Conducted Uranium deals with Russia totally against US interests in exchange for donations

Bill’s Sex Crime and Hillary’s Cover Up Attempts

(What scandals are missing above? Leave them in the comments below.)

Processing it All

It’s fairly easy to pick up on patterns. The scandals have varying levels of plausibility, but there are so many stories with themes that keep repeating.

Do you really think the Clintons have public service as their #1 priority? Or is it their own personal aggrandizement?

Face it. Their oaths to serve mean nothing. You cannot possibly be enraged by neocolonialism of the third world and knowingly esteem the Clintons. They leverage opportunities for personal gain seemingly without bounds — no dictator or human-rights abuser is outside the realm of possibilities. An honest look through past scandals force you to wonder whether they mean anything they say in speeches and interviews. It’s clear, too, to see that the two Clintons are inseparable — they work together — for money and power, with this sick relationship they call “marriage”. The lie that Bill’s scandals weren’t Hillary’s gained too much unfounded traction and conveniently absolved Hillary of too much. They’ve been in this together all along, just attempted a third term, and the electoral college stopped them.

If this mound of partially-proven scandals isn’t enough, though, Wikileaks documents provide abundant hard evidence (1, 2, 3, 4…) that Hillary Clinton is objectively a horrific candidate for all the above recurring themes found in her previous scandals. Wikileaks reveals Clinton critics were right all along. Considering the Clintons’ misuse of the IRS to target and intimidate conservative organizations and individuals, why isn’t the IRS auditing the Clinton Foundation? Hopefully they will soon.

The Only Way To Conclude Hillary Was Highly Qualified Is To Be Willfully Ignorant

If you actually looked through the scandals and genuinely spent the time to think through the possibilities of Hillary’s involvement in them then you will have discovered something new. Hillary Clinton is, flat out, the most dishonest and corrupt presidential candidate in US history.

It’s Not Just That

Not only did the media convince you Hillary Clinton was qualified. They did so after it was proven with publicly-available hard evidence that she colluded with political insiders and the media to take out Bernie Sanders. And then it became clear that he was the only Democratic nominee that could have beat Trump except that at that point Bernie Sanders had already sacrificed his movement by compromising his principles. They were too berned out to come out for Hillary. Why wouldn’t they be? Wall Street and trial lawyers were Hillary’s biggest donors.

Compare this to Ron Paul who was in just about the same situation Bernie was in against Mitt Romney. The RNC pulled the same crushing behind-the-scenes maneuvering against Ron Paul — even more media black outs, if you can imagine. The difference is that Ron Paul did not cave in and endorse Mitt. That’s why his movement didn’t die and he remains the “grandfather of the liberty movement”.

Your worst candidate dishonestly beat your best, your best compromised his principles and lost his movement, and then you were sold on the lie that your worst candidate was “highly-qualified”.

Liberals, you got played.

The Green Party and principled liberals like Glenn Greenwald knew it all along. The electoral college knew it. The “uneducated” Americans beat you because of it.

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