I switched from Windows to Linux. Here are the lessons I learned along the way.
Ofir Chakon


Your article is obviously aimed at users who have never used Linux (and maybe never even heard of it). I think you do them a disservice by describing Linux as an operating system, because it isn’t.

You then correctly start instead using the term “Linux-based” to refer to operating systems that use the Linux kernel, such as Ubuntu.

You also said:

Linux’s hard disk is a light weight.

What do you mean by this? Are you saying that Linux based operating systems take up less hard drive space than windows does? This is true for most, but certainly not all Linux based operating systems.

If you consider yourself either a technological entrepreneur, developer, data scientist or programmer, you should definitely check out Ubuntu.

While people of the professions you mention do sometimes use Ubuntu, I would suggest (as a hunch, with no data to support this claim), that Ubuntu is used far more by the “average” user (someone who browses the Internet, prints out documents, but doesn’t code) — not that that is a bad thing by any means!

I hope you see this piece for what I intend it as, positive critique, you wrote a great article, and in the spirit of open-source, I would like to contribute my opinion.

I hope your article helps introduce many new people into the fascinating world of open-source software, starting with Ubuntu!

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