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How can this list even exist without Commando on it?

  • The movie opens with dudes being killed by pretend garbage men and car dealership patrons.
  • The audience is then treated to a montage of how much John Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is loved by his daughter Jenny (Alyssa Milano) with things like them feeding a deer by hand in the woods and Jenny shoving an ice cream cone in his face and both of them playfully laughing about it.
  • The legendarily underrated mall shootout scene where a drug dealer comes running out of a restaurant guns-a-blazing for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON AT ALL and kills like half a dozen cops before getting killed.
  • Vernon Wells in all his Vernon Wellsyness.
  • Dan Hedaya playing a character from the legendary fictional country of the 1980s action genre.
  • The scene were Arnie arrives and kills all of the bad guys without ever running out of ammo which has come to define the movie trope for bottomless magazines.
  • “Let off some steam, Bennett.”

This movie makes a case not just to be on the list, but to be number one.

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