Transgender boy wins Texas girls state wrestling title amid controversy

A lawsuit has been filed against a high school wrestler for competing in a girl’s tournament as a boy. The wrestler, Mack Beggs is currently in receiving testosterone treatments to to change genders. Despite all of this, Beggs competed in a girls state tournament Saturday, winning the title.

Shaq says his mom told him to drop Twitter feud with JaVale McGee

As the star of both Inside the NBA and his own reel “Shaqtin’ the Fool,” Shaquille O’Neal steps on people’s toes quite often. When he crossed the line with JaVale McGee however, McGee fired back on Twitter. Kevin Durant and Steve Kerr stepped in to defend McGee, but the feud came to a final end when Shaq’s mother told him he needs to “stop this silliness.”

Serena Williams surprises fans with late-night tennis session

Two men were out hitting some balls at a tennis court Sunday night when they got an unexpected visitor, tennis star Serena Williams. Williams was taking a walk when she passed the two men, and decided she was going to challenge the two men to a little match. “The moral of the story is, you never know when I’m going to be coming to a tennis court near you,” Williams joked.

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