CNA Week 2

No Classes for Upset Over Baylor

Liberty University students will not have class on Monday due to the win over Baylor with a score of 48–45. Students waited at the football field at 2 am to welcome home the Liberty Football Team after the huge win. Liberty University rules state a curfew of 12:30 am but due to the win students were allowed to have an approved late night sign out to celebrate at the field.

LU Send Now Heads to Texas

LU Send Now is Liberty University’s disaster relief team who travels the wolrd helping those in need. Liberty sent 10 students and 2 memebrs of the staff down to Texas early Saturday morning to help with the clean up of hurricane Harvey. They will be working with Samaritan’s Purse and will return on September 9th from Texas.

First Featured Film by a University

The film “Extraordinary” was created by students and staff from Liberty University. The movie is based off of Dr. David Horton, a proffesor at Liberty and the movie will premier September 7th. This will be the first time ever a featured film created by a university will release nationwide in theaters.

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