Content Channel Strategy: It’s Easier Than You Think

Finding a content strategy that works best for your brand is something that will take time to discover. This isn’t something that can be created by one person only. Creating a content strategy will take an entire group of people who all proactively participating. The main objective of creating a successful content channel strategy is to create fresh content and figure out the best way to distribute that content to your consumers. Depending on your brand everyone will have a different content strategy.

The first step would be to create a content narrative for your brand. Every brand has a content narrative because that is simply your brands story. The content narrative will show your consumers exactly what your company is about and what your company has to offer. Secondly you need to appoint a community manager that will be the person in charge of monitoring that social media platform. Third step you will create moderation or making sure your community manager is constantly monitoring social media to answer any customer support questions. It is crucial to answer customer support questions immediately or in a timely fashion. And the last step to complete is establishing a measurement framework or making sure your brand is constantly looking at the company’s health, like engagement and reach, and analyzing to see if a certain piece of content is effective or not. Having your brand active and alert at all times helps keep you one-step ahead of the game.

Along with these steps you should have a layout of exactly what kind of content you’re posting and how you’re going to distribute the content. Making sure that each day there is something new and different is important because it will keep your consumers engaged in your product. You could have special events/promotions, customer support, customer stories and many more.

For each social media platform you could create tiers to draw out what kind of content is important and what order they belong in. For your company promotions might be positive but isn’t as important as fun and creative content that is created. Making sure you’re creating new content for each channel is important. Each channel’s content could be similar but they need to be told in a different way. If you’re a consumer and you see a company post the same content on every platform then you will become bored and not be interested in visiting again.

When you start to think about creating new content for each channel you might become overwhelmed. In reality it is a lot of work but by doing that you will drive more traffic to your channels and overall your brand. Creating different content is important because consumers learn and consume content differently. By creating multiple content you have a larger group of people you will reach.

When I think back at my academic career I start to wonder exactly what kind of information I absorbed more. Time and time again I found myself retaining more information from seeing it or having someone act it out. By having someone act it out I was about to see the action first hand and get a clear concept of what it was. Simply Measured stated that visual content generates five times more engagement than non-visual content on Facebook. When people are able to see content then they have a more clear understanding and are able to relate to the content more. Along with visual storytelling you will have to learn how to present visual storytelling that is short form. The public has tunnel vision and isn’t able to pay attention to everything at once. Showing something visual and in a short period of time is ideal.

Although short storytelling is effective you cannot forget long form storytelling. When you present your long form storytelling you’re able to tell your brand’s story more and able to go into depth. In my opinion long form storytelling comes after because by then you have already gotten your consumers attention.

Overall the content must be ground breaking and add value to your brand. All your content needs to flow together and in the end make up your content narrative. Having a brand that is creating fresh and new content will receive the most attention and gain the highest following.

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