Slack for Weddings

I was at a beautiful wedding up in Sonoma this weekend and I couldn’t help but notice a reoccurring issue: attendees have questions and don’t know where to turn or who to ask.

I started thinking about the situation; a group of people, who for the most part don’t know each other, but are all working towards the same goal, to enjoy the wedding. It’s very similar to working on a group project.

If every wedding attendee was on the wedding Slack group, you could:

  • easily communicate with people you’ve just met (which often times you don’t swap contact information because honestly you’re probably just going to be friends with them for that wedding)
  • easily communicate with the wedding planner (this helps deflect annoying text messages to the bridge/groom)
  • create small group channels to plan activities during the wedding downtime (#pool #golf #wine-tasting #etc)
  • introduce people before the wedding (perhaps each dinner table is a channel?)
  • share photos and memories (not all memories are for meant for Facebook/Instagram)
  • express thanks and gratitude (weddings are hard, instant validation of your hard work would be neat)

There are probably many more instances where Slack would help increase the enjoyability of your wedding and decrease friction of your “ephemeral-wedding-community”.

I also believe this would open up many more Slack add-on product ideas. Wedding-bot™ — ask him anything about the wedding!

What do you think? Have you been to a wedding where this has been implemented? Thanks!

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