Multimedia Journalism Story #2

Story Topic: Nashville Chili Festival, Sunday March 26 from 12:00–3:00 pm. The festival will take place at Basement East, 917 Woodland St.

  1. This story would benefit greatly from audio, visual, and written reports because these elements would help to make the story more enticing. Audio and video would be more informative for the reader, where the written portion could be useful to answer any questions the reader at home might have.
  2. Interested in chili tasting, live music, kids’ activities, and a pepper eating contest? The Nashville Chili Festival is the place for you!
  3. The written portion of the story will contain the logistics of the event. The video will show highlights from other chili festivals and testimonies of all the fun to be had from people that have gone in the past. Audio will only be a minor factor in this story, including examples of music played during the event and more testimonies from those involved. The photo graphic element will simply be pictures of the event and many smiling faces! The links and additional elements will be links to sign up for the event, and a link to the event page itself.
  4. The primary sources that I will interview will be the directors of the event, the staff and volunteers, and people interested in attending. I will talk to roughly 5–10 people to get an accurate feel for the event. The secondary source will primarily consist of simply a link to the official website of the event, for any further questions that the reader might have.
  5. The main thing that I will put on video for this event is highlights of the event, testimonials, and videos of the activities that will take place throughout the day. As far as film time goes, I would dedicate roughly 5 minutes to this “highlight” video so to speak. I would also pan over in video to include the number of people that are in attendance.
  6. The audio aspect of this story will be made up of interviews, workers, volunteers, people in attendance, etc. This will not be a major aspect of the event story itself.
  7. The main thing I hope to accomplish with the photo aspect of this story is people having fun, the workers, children, and many smiling faces of people having a great time.
  8. The link that would be most useful for this story would be a link to the event itself if there are any further questions by the reader. This is a good thing to do just in case anything is left out of the story.
  9. External Link: