Gone are the days of record sales making the big bucks

Where’s your money going to come from? Why don’t you get a real career? As creative professionals variations of these are questions most of us will have to answer to, whether from ourselves, friends or family.

So what’s the answer? In the creative industry one of the most popular options is crowd funding which let’s you use sites such as Kickstarter which allows creatives to start a project on the site, posting text and video’s of all details such as functions, start up costs and possible rewards for backers (people who donate to the project). Crowd funding is a great way to market your projects and build anticipation and fans before it’s made, also when the crowd takes care of the funding it means more income from the finished project. It should be noted that crowd fund sites take a small percentage of funds after project succeeds or ends, amount varies between 2–15%.

Some other crowd funding sites:

All sites feature different fees and special features.

In the audio industry we have options depending on specific skill sets; For those who have access to recording equipment and a DAW (digital audio workspace) there are a few digital products that can be sold for money, and with some experience and possibly but not necessarily quality equipment making these products can be easy and very enjoyable. As well as this, creating digital products cuts out the packaging and distribution steps of selling a product, make it, put it out and maybe market it. Now, lets look at excactly what digital audio products can be sold:

  • Instrumentals and beats; This is a great outlet and can be very profitable if you know how to market yourself well and make quality beats that people will want to use. Beatstars is a platform with alot of potential boasting 50,000 plays on tracks daily and free sign up it could be the next big place to be for collaborations between producers and artists. There is also a dedicated wordpress theme for selling beats called The Music Maker Theme.
  • Sample Packs; For those with microphone access and a creative mind selling packs of sound samples can be a great way to earn income through audio. Sounds can range from drums hits, animal sounds, house hold items being bashed together, really anything that can be caught with a recorder.
  • Background music; As well as beats for radio background music to be used for movies, games and T.V can also be digitally sold; On the site audio jungle there are some songs that have generated up to $100,000 selling to many buyers.
  • Tutorials; For those with experience and knowledge selling educational material online can also be a great way to make a living from music and audio.

Therefore with the internet, we have two attractive options for generating income as a creative and audio professional. You might even consider combing the two, for example crowd funding audio equipment to be used for making samples and beats. The potential is open.

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