Re: Developer Community’s 9 Tips for Coding Beginners

Great article here with more advice on beginning to become a coder from someone who’s been through it, someone who’s struggled with the difficulty, passion and perseverance, someone who wants to give back to the programming community by inspiring us with their words of wisdom.

There are of course countless points in here that are so valuable. The ones that really stick out to me are to always be spending time each week working on something that you’re passionate about and to always be crazy curious about everything you write. Every line of code is an opportunity to dive deeper into the source of why that line accomplishes the task you know it will accomplish. But like all in depth inquiries, there is a limit. We can’t be diving all the way down to machine/assembly language level for each line we write, but we can for example dive into the documentation about why angular modules connect to an app the way they do.

Some other interesting things to note about the article. Failure is the path to success. It is only through working through failures, through fully embracing them, through leaning in to them, through seeing them as an opportunity for growth, that we will find a path to accomplishment. The first step towards being incredible at something is being terrible at something. It is through remaining engaged, excited and dedicated to a goal that one can become excellent at a skill they desire.

Patience and teamwork go hand in hand. Patience is easily one of the most or probably the most important trait in life. It is through patience that all things happen. Change takes a long time. Success takes a long time. Skills take a long time. Despite the trend of our society towards becoming demanders of instantaneous gratification through the consumption of content pared into seconds, patience is the true path to success. And imperative to teamwork is a healthy dose of patience, as well as compassion and understanding. Everyone in this world has different experiences, has different perceptions of reality, has different approaches to the same problem. Even as there are many shared techniques between people towards accomplishing the same goal, there are differences in the thought process of those tasks between every single person. Patience allows us to take time to be empathetic, to employ perspective taking, to share in the present with other people. It is through this sharing of the present that incredible things can happen as we unite our energies towards a common goal.

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