Crossing User Experience, Service Design, Collective Intelligence and Interface Design for a powerfully unified participant experience

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Collective intelligence is the shared expression of genius that emerges from a population’s collaboration, competition and consensus. At bluenove, we specialize in mobilizing your organisation’s collective intelligence with consulting projects ranging from mission statements to open innovation to organisational transitions and transformations. In addition to our own methodologies, we use our suite of online tools (Assembl Live, Assembl Flash, Bright Mirror, and a collection of other collaborative modules) that make up the Assembl collective intelligence platforms.

Often, the product team’s largest stakes in a project are participant engagement and facilitating equal access to information and contribution, which each have heavy user experience (UX) considerations. As Lead Designer, I am mainly concerned with insuring a cohesive and fluid experience for our participants, in methodology, access to information and interaction, and user flows from one platform to another. …


Jordan AMAN

I am a UX Designer based in Paris, France, passionate about the future of citizen-centric innovation in services and products.

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