Take Full Advantage Now

You’re a quitter. Be honest, you’ve quit things. That’s OK, though, we all do. The more important question is: did you do your best?

You didn’t take full advantage of your environment in the past. Many times. You sought comfort first because you believed it was the missing piece, the important part. So, in seeking comfort the opportunity to explore and fully connect with your surroundings passed you by.

We don’t explore our surroundings and grow when we focus on comfort.

There’s no going back to change what might have been, but great hope in letting go and changing course. Now you have the knowledge that you must seek to take full advantage of your present situation, whether it be school, a new job, parenthood, etc. Forget anything that has been lost and realize there is so much more to be gained, but only if these lessons can be ingrained into your psyche.

Begin with some questions:

— — —

What is it that I should be learning?

This can be immediately answered. There are tangible things we know we should learn, but haven’t yet found the time. Write a list of the things you know you can improve on and start today.

Who can I meet to help me discover things I don’t know I should be learning?

Knowing what we need to learn is an important first step, but maybe not quite as profound as discovering things we didn’t know we should learn. We all have these blind spots. Other people can help us see them and it opens up an entirely new sphere of knowledge to dive into.

Where can I go to meet the right people?

This is a challenge for anyone who is no longer a full-time student. Meetup groups (meetup.com), hackerspaces (hackerspaces.org), and online communities (reddit.com) can help with this. The truth is, there is a plethora of other people out there who want to meet you as well. Make it happen.


Some people end up having to repeat the same pattern more than once, but it doesn’t really matter in the long run. What matters is having learned the all important lesson. You can decide right now to take full advantage of your present environment.

Look around you, there is abundance everywhere if you are willing to be curious. Look within you, there is a well of ideas to draw from. Our world is digitally connected, which means your ability to express yourself is almost as easy as consuming another person’s expression.

What stands between where you are and where you want to be is only a bit of temporary discomfort. Can you deal with some discomfort now? I think you can.

There’s nothing but yourself holding you back, so take the first step and take full advantage now.