11 Flights in 23 Days; My Note to Airlines

On my break from all things technology — I went on 11 different flights and spent over 50 hours in the air. I flew on five different airlines — all of which economy class. In that time, I accomplished a number of things. I read a book, watched movies (for the first time in forever), and tried to get some sleep.

Things are improving on airlines. They are beginning to offer more movies. The quality of food is improving.

Companies are beginning to realize that convenience is everything in the airline industry. Southwest noticed this first — and has been capitalizing on it for a while in terms of convenient affordability and speed.

But other companies are beginning to redefine the way we look at convenience.

I think of convenience as eating good food on the plane so I don’t have to eat when I get off. I think of convenience as free headphones and blankets so I don’t have to bring my own.

And most of all, I think of convenience as FREE wifi. And whichever company can deliver on this expectation, will pave the way and win me over. it is 2016, how in the world are we not at a point where wifi is universally free on all airplanes. Also, let’s make it wifi that works, allowing users to stream and do whatever they want (legally).

What will it take for us to get there?

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