3D Printing Houses

1 min readSep 10, 2017


I think it’d be really cool to 3D Print Houses at scale. More than just cool, I think it is the inevitable future of home building.

I am not talking about “hobbyist” homes that are set up in the woods. I am talking about widespread production of 3D printing prefab homes that we use to build our cities, suburbs, and everything in between.

There are some examples here and there of 3D printed homes:

1. This one in Russia took 24 hours to build:

2. In China, they claimed to have “printed” 10 houses in 24 hours (3 years ago):

Whether or not either of those stories are entirely accurate is besides the point — what matters is that (I think) the process of home/building creation is fundamentally broken:

1 — It takes forever. Time == money. We’re not talking the difference of days. We are talking potentially hours we could get in 3D printing versus the average ~ 9 months for a single permit home.

2 — It is so expensive! The independent parts / materials / contractors add up. Hundreds of thousands versus tens of thousands.

3 — There are so many errors. Humans make mistakes. Minimize human input and machines will be much more accurate.

It may sound like a wild idea today that requires tons of capital. But I’d bet that it will be the future sooner than you think.

Originally published at gonen.blog.